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Non Penetrating roof mount offer

Price: £15.00
(£18.00 Inc. VAT)

Diablo Wi Fi V2 with Smart card reader

Price: £75.00
(£90.00 Inc. VAT)

Gibertini 1.5 M dish OP150

Price: £300.00
(£360.00 Inc. VAT)

44cm Flat Plate antenna (Performs like an 80cm dish) Tripod kit option

Price: £54.00
(£64.80 Inc. VAT)

Bullet Nose TWIN LNB

Price: £20.00
(£24.00 Inc. VAT)

MP01 DiSEqC Mini Positioner - hand held

Price: £21.00
(£25.20 Inc. VAT)

Vonets VAP11N Wi-Fi Bridge and Hotspot

Price: £10.00
(£12.00 Inc. VAT)

GbSAT DUET Twin PVR sat. rec. WAS 499

Price: £60.00
(£72.00 Inc. VAT)

Triple-Dragon (black or Silver)

Price: £56.00
(£67.20 Inc. VAT)


Price: £149.00
(£178.80 Inc. VAT)

Coolstream Neo HD1 Plus PVR

Price: £60.00
(£72.00 Inc. VAT)

Hivion PVR HD9090X Ultima free Null Modem cable

Price: £80.00
List Price: 270.00
You Save: 190.00 (£238%)
(£96.00 Inc. VAT)

STAB KZ220 self finding satellite system

Price: £407.50
(£489.00 Inc. VAT)

Triple-Dragon Systems

Price: £165.00
(£198.00 Inc. VAT)

CAS 2 Plus CAM Programmer

Price: £30.00
(£36.00 Inc. VAT)

Dynamite Plus Card programmer

Price: £20.83
(£25.00 Inc. VAT)

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